The church is finally open! Well, open on Sundays I mean.My family and I moved to Pueblo from Denver almost two years ago. From the moment we arrived our desire has always been to simply be ‘Christians who live in Pueblo.” 

A simple idea based on engaging the community and seeking to do basic “Christian things.” It’s actually quite ordinary when you think about it. 

I started with registering both my daughters for soccer and volunteering to coach their teams. Easy enough, we all love soccer that’s right in our comfort zone. 

Next, I knew Central High School was a valuable part of the Bessemer Community so I just kept my ears open for any possibilities to get involved. It didn’t take long to learn about Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and so next thing I knew I was playing games and leading a short bible study every Friday morning for the Pueblo Central Football team. 

After a year of this simple philosophy based on the idea of doing the most ordinary things faithfully and with the intention of spreading the love of God my family and I have become deeply rooted in the community. 

I firmly believe this is where every Christian ought to spend their energies. Yes, we should be asking the big, deep, intellectual questions about our faith and theology, but also we must not disregard the value of keeping a touch on the heartbeat of our community and intentionally getting involved wherever we might be needed. 

I dream of Lake Avenue Community Church being filled with people who are doing just that. Looking, listening and learning about ways they can be leaders in this community and we can start with the ordinary things first! 

It’s going to look different for all of us—and that’s a great thing because there are so many different needs across Pueblo! Be excited that God has placed unique desires within your heart to make unique impacts. As the city prospers so too will the church (Jeremiah 29:7).

No matter how tough things might look, or how out of place you might feel, it’s important to keep your confidence and faith centered on God. Never forgetting that even the tiniest spark, at the right moment, can lead to a brilliant blaze that turns darkness to light. 

Where might your spark start? 

For us at Lake Avenue Community Church, we may have started meeting on Sundays a few weeks ago, but this church has been open for a long, long time. 

And together with your help, we are going to see the light of Christ illuminate every shadow across our city, until everyone knows the name, Jesus Christ! 

– Pastor Scott Godinez